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Pushpak Hexacopter

Om UAV Systems has launched Pushpak Hex Copter, specially for applications that require dropping of parcels. This can be used for Civilian as well as Military appliations. It can be used to ferry and drop parcels, medical equipment, life saving items, human organs besides Flower dropping, Aerial Photography etc. The Hexacopter can be customized to take and activate desired payload (up to 1000 gms). The product comes without auto-navigation but has sophisticated gyro stabilization and Altitude Hold functions that make it extremely reliable and useful. The ground control station is very simple with intuitive controls.

  Diameter : 81cm (foldable)
  Height : 32 cm
  Empty Flying Weight : 4800Grams
  Gross Take off weight : 5800 Grams
  Material : Carbon Fiber and CNC aluminium alloy
  Propeller : 15 inches
  Battery : 6S Li-Po, 9000mAh
Flying Characteristics:
  Endurance : 20 mins
  Range : Line of Sight (Max 1.5 Km)
  Horizontal Speed : 25Km/Hr.
  Hovering Accuracy : 2 Meters
  Payload : 1000 Grams (Flower Dropping or Camera)

Control System:
  • Can Fly in Manual Mode in X,Y,Z dimensions
  • Can be switched to Alt_Hold Mode (will hold height via onboard control system)
  • Can be switched to Loiter Mode at any stage (will hold height and position via onboard control)
  • No Auto Navigation
Battery Charger:
  • Microprocessor Based Li-Po battery charger with voltage balancer.
  • Input : 12V DC or 220V AC
Recommended Spares:
  • Propellers
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Motor
  • Gyro Stabilized Camera Gimbal for canon type camera
Training Required for 16 Hrs spread over Two weeks on paid basis. All spare parts available ex Delhi
  1. The electronic hardware changes will apply to all the catalogs since the avionics is same on all the UAVS.
  2. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  3. All values & capabilities mentioned one under ideal test conditions.
  4. Optional items do effect pricing.

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