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Guardian-T Fixed Wing Trainer

Guardian-T is a Mini Fixed Wing Aircraft. It is an ideal aircraft for providing training for mini UAVs since UAVs are expensive and could get damaged during learning. It is strongly recommended that the training for landing and takeoff should be provided on Guardian-T. Guardian-T has 5-Channel RC control identical to mini UAV. It can be switched between Full Manual Mode and FBW Mode. The UAV is electrically powered and has a very low dB level. For ease of operation the aircraft is capable of hand launch and normal group landing. The airframe is made of Elasto-Polymer Foam and Carbon Fiber Composites thereby making it robust and is able to take rough handling.

Physical Specifications:
  Wing Span : 1650mm
  Length : 1200mm
  Height : 100 mm
  Flying Weight : 1500gms
  Propulsion : 150Watt BLDC Motors @11.1 Volt
  Propeller : 9x6 Fiber Reinforced Nylon
  Flying Battery : Lithium-Ion 11.1 Volt, 6400mAh, Discharge @ 2A.
Flying Characteristics:
  Range : Visual Range
  Endurance : 25 Mins + 5 Mins reserve for failsafe
  Cruise Speed : 42 Km/Hr
  Max Speed : 50 Km/Hr
  Stall Speed : 35 Km/Hr
  Max Winds : 20 Km/Hr.
  Altitude : Visual Range

  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Switchable Navigations Lights.
Standard Package Contents:
  • Guardian-T Aircraft 1 Nos.
  • Li-Ion Battery 1 Pack.
  • Microprocessor based battery Charger.
  • Radio Control Transmitter.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
  • Semi Ruggedized Carry Box(Optional).
Radio Control Link:
  Encoding : PPM
  Modulation : FHSS
  Freq Band : 2.4 Ghz
  Max RF Output : 100 mW
  Channels : 8
  Range : 1 Km when airborne
  Display : Back-Lit LCD panel on Tx
  Battery   Li-Poly 11.1V,2650 mAh (10 Hrs continuous operation)
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