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Eagle Eye Mini UAV

Eagle Eye is a fully autonomous Mini Unmanned Fixed Wing aircraft. It is capable of carrying a 400 Gram payload and is ideally suited for surveying work. The payload is a day still camera. Most high quality cameras are under 400 Grams. The UAV is powered by a small petrol engine. The aircraft is autonomous right from Takeoff to Landing. For ease of operation the aircraft is capable of takeoff from a very small patch and normal ground landing. The UAV airframe is made of Elasto-Polymer foam and Carbon Fiber Composites.

Physical Specifications:
  Wing Span : 3000mm
  Length : 2000mm
  Height : 300mm
  Flying Weight : 3500gms
  Payload : 800 gms
  Propulsion : 15cc 2-stroke Petrol Engine
  Propeller : 11x6 Fiber Reinforced Nylon
Flying Characteristics:
  Range : 10KM*
  Endurance : 100 Mins + 20 Mins reserve for failsafe
  Accuracy : Within 10 meters of programmed waypoint
  Cruise Speed : 48 Km/Hr
  Max Speed : 60 Km/Hr
  Stall Speed : 35 Km/Hr
  Max Wind : 20 Km/Hr.
  Altitude : 3000 Meters
*Total Distance Traversed: 48Km

  • Fully Autonomous from Takeoff to Landing.
  • Can be programmed for 300 Waypoints/Mission Commands.
  • Can ‘Loiter’ over the subject at any waypoint.
  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Can be ‘Guided’ to specific location during flight by clicking over map.
  • Can activate/deactivate any payload from the GCS.
  • Auto payload activation on reaching the waypoint.
  • Failsafe built in.Will ‘RTL’ if link is lost. Will ‘Land’ if battery is low.
  • GCS switchable navigation lights.
Standard Package :
  • Eagle Eye Aircraft 1 Nos.
  • GCS consisting of windows based palmtop.
  • Yagi Antenna for Data Link.
  • Microprocessor based battery Charger.
  • Radio Control Transmitter.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
  • Semi Ruggedized Carry Box.
Auto Pilot:
  • Based on ARM Cortex M4 32 bit Processor @168 Mhz, running at 252 MIPS, RTOS.
  • MPU-6000 Invensense 3-D Six Axis, Dual Gyro+Acc
  • uBlox GPS with positioning from GPSS, GLONSS, Galelio, Biedu
  • Secondary GPS for backup (optional)
  • HMC5883L 3-Axis Dual Magnetometer
  • MS5611 High Resolution Barometer
  • Onboard Micro SD card for Flight Data Logging
  • RTK GPS (Optional)
Data Link:
  Output Power : 500mW
  Modulation Type : FHSS
  Freq Band : 900 Mhz (885-915 Mhz)
  Range : 10 Km (with Yagi antenna)
Radio Control Link:
  Encoding : PPM
  Modulation : FHSS
  Freq Band : 400-455 Mhz
  Max RF Output : 500 mW
  Channels : 8
  Range : 5 Km when airborne
  Display : Back-Lit LCD panel on Tx
  Battery   Li-Poly 11.1V, 2650 mAh (10 Hrs continuous operations).
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