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Solo Multicopter Mini UAV

Solo is a FULLY AUTONOMOUS Mini Unmanned Multicopter aircraft. It is capable of carrying a 400 Gram payload. The payload is a Day or Night Camera mounted on a gyro stabilized camera mount. Most high quality cameras are under 400 Grams. The UAV is electrically powered with a very low dB level. The aircraft is fully autonomous right from Takeoff to Landing. The UAV is made of ABS Plastic..

Physical Specifications:
  Size : 460mm (motor to motor)
  Height : 250 mm
  Flying Weight : 1800gms
  Payload : 420 gms
  Propulsion : 150 Watt BLDC Motors @14.8 Volt X 4
  Propeller : 10x4.5 nylon x 4
  Flying Battery : Lithium-Polymer 14.8 Volt, 5200mAh.
Flying Characteristics:
  Range : 2.0KM*
  Endurance : 25 Mins
  Accuracy : Within 3 meters of programmed waypoint
  Cruise Speed : 20 Km/Hr
  Max Speed : 30 Km/Hr
  Max Winds : 20 Km/Hr.
  Altitude Optimum : 200 Meters AGL
  Altitude (AGL) : 1000 Meters
  Altitude Ceiling : 3000 Meters

  • Fully Autonomous from Takeoff to Landing.
  • Can be programmed for 300 Waypoints.
  • Can Loiter over the subject at any waypoint.
  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Can be ‘Guided’ to specific location during flight by clicking over map.
  • Can activate/deactivate any payload from the GCS.
  • Auto payload activation on reaching the waypoint.
  • Failsafe built in. Will ‘RTH’ if link is lost. Will ‘Land’ if battery is low.
Standard Package :
  • Solo Aircraft 1 Nos.
  • GCS consisting of Android Tablet.
  • Clover Leaf Video Antenna.
  • Omni Antenna for Data Link.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
  • Microprocessor based battery Charger.
  • Radio Control Transmitter.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
  • ABS Back Pack Carry Case.
Auto Pilot:
  • Based on ARM Cortex M4 32 bit Processor @ 168 Mhz, running at 252 MIPS, on NuttX Real Time Operating System.
  • ST Micro L3GD20, 3-Axis Gyro
  • MPU6000, Invensense 3-Axis Gyro + Accelerometer
  • uBlox GPS with positioning from GPSS, GLONSS, Galelio, Biedu
  • Secondary GPS for backup (optional)
  • HMC5883L 3-Axis Dual Magnetometer (Dual)
  • MS5611 High Resolution Barometer
  • Onboard Micro SD card for Flight Data Logging
Data Link:
  Output Power : 100mW (Configurable)
  Modulation Type : Wi-Fi
  Chipset :
  Freq Band : 2400Mhz ( Mhz)
  Data Rate : 10Mbps
  Range : 1 Km
Radio Control Link:
  Encoding : Wi-Fi
  Modulation : FHSS
  Freq Band : 2400 Mhz
  Max RF Output : 100 mW Max
  Channels : 8
  Range : 2.5 Km (when airborne)
  Display : No Display
  Battery   Li-Poly 11.1V, 2650 mAh (12 Hrs continuous operation).
Video Link:
  Type : Wi-Fi Digital Video with integrated Data.
  Rf Power : 100mW
  Frequency : 2400 mhz, 40 Channels.
  Power Consumption : 100mA @11.1 V
  Video Resolution : 1080x720 pix
  Camera Mount : 2.5 Km (when airborne)High Accuracy Gyro Stabilization on Roll and Pitch Axis
  Recording : Onboard recording on 32 GB SD card in *.mov format.
Ground Control Station(GCS):
  • Android App installable on Tablet and Android Phone
Onboard Video Recorder:
  • Inbuilt Video Recording.
Camera Gimbal:
  1. Gyro Stabilized on Roll and Pitch and Yaw Axis. Microprocessor based. Correction rate of 2000 deg/sec. Common Gimbal for all cameras mentioned in the camera options list. Cameras are changeable in the field within Five Minutes.
Payload Options:
  • Color video/still HD camera with onboard HD video recording on 32 GB memory at 1280x720 pixels and AV out of 640x480 pixels. Can be programmed for still images with preset time interval. Max Video HD resolution of 2700 x 2000 pixels (for onboard recording only).
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