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Defence/Police Applications

UAV application is useful for:

Defence/Police Applications:
  1. Military Applications
  2. Convoy safety
  3. Crowd Monitoring
Military Applications:
Convoy safety Convoy safety There is no limit to what drone can do for military. Right from surveillance of the border, inspection of trouble spots to detection of landmines, the drone can do it all. Drone can also be used to drop packages (ammunition, medicines, food etc.) at pre defined latitude, longitude automatically or remotely by manual intervention. Drone can be used to keep constant watch on infiltration route. Since drone can fly even at 3000 meter it is possible to cover all type of terrain. Drones are inaudible and invisible after around 300 meters depending upon model chosen. These are ideal companion to forward team to survey area without putting themselves in danger.
Using the pan, tilt, zoom capabilities it is possible to keep watch on the other side of the border without actually going there. By effective usage of drone the soldier may not have to go to inaccessible area or risk their life for survey before ensuring that it is safe to go. Some of the specific applications are:
  • Terrorist Response
  • Border Patrol
  • Disaster Management
  • Port Inspection
  • Damage Assessment
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Runway Inspection
  • Landmark Inspection
  • Nuclear Facility Monitoring
  • High Altitude Imagery
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Arms & Ammunitions Monitoring
  • Medicine/support delivery
Convoy Safety:
Convoy safety It has been observed many times that the military convoy or VIP movement has been attacked. It seems that many times there are road block or ambush parties on the side of the road waiting for such convoys. While advance parties in an effective way to identify trouble spots, however, drone can also be very effective also for such situations. Survey by drone of the road and adjoining area may give clues of undesirable movement of men and material. The survey can be done without being detected by people on the ground. Drone can also be launched by advance party at vulnerable spots.
Crowd Monitoring:
Crowd monitoring and management is very complex task which requires accurate knowledge of movement and assembling of people including accumulation of material like bricks, soda bottles and other projectiles etc. on rooftop. In sensitive areas regular patrolling by drones can detect presence of such material on rooftop. It can also be used to detect unusual movement during sensitive time.

During a large gathering or public meetings, drone can be used to zoom in suspicious people. The high definition recording from drone can be useful tool for analysis at any time.
Convoy safety
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