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Curiosity Plus Mapper UAV

Curiosity is a FULLY AUTONOMOUS Mini Unmanned Multicopter aircraft designed for mapping. It is capable of carrying a 300 Gram payload. Most mapping cameras are under 300 Grams. The UAV is electrically powered with a very low dB level. The aircraft is fully autonomous right from Takeoff to Landing. The UAV is made of composite carbon fiber and aluminum alloy.

Physical Specifications:
  Size : 650mm x650mm
  Height : 250 mm
  Flying Weight : 1995 Gms
  Payload : 300 Gms
  Propulsion : 180 Watt BLDC Motors @14.8 Volt X 4
  Propeller : 15" carbon fiber X 4
  Flying Battery : Lithium-Ion 14.8 Volt, 9600mAh,
Flying Characteristics:
  Range : 4.0 Km *
  Endurance : 50 Mins
  Accuracy : Within 3 m of the programmed way point
  Cruise Speed : 30 Km/Hr
  Max Wind Resistance : 20 Km/Hr.
  Optimum Mapping Altitude : 120 Meters AGL
  Altitude Ceiling : 3000 Meters
  Can Cover : 1.0kmx1.0km of mapping areain one flight when flown at 120m.
  • Fully Autonomous from Takeoff to Landing.
  • The mapping grid is generated automatically.
  • The camera's shutter will function only after reaching the 1st grid point.
  • Can Loiter over the subject at any way point.
  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Failsafe built in. Will 'RTL' if communication link is lost. Will 'Land' if battery is low.
  • Based on ARM Cortex M4 32 bit Processor @168 MHz, running at 252 MIPS, on Nuttx Real Time Operating System.
  • Triple redundant vibration damped IMU.
  • uBlox RTK GPS on Rover and Base
  • HMC5883L 3-Axis triple redundant Magnetometer
  • MS5611 Dual redundant High Resolution Barometer
  • Onboard Micro SD card for Flight Data Logging
  • Inbuilt heating for Sensors for flying in very low temperatures.
Radio Control Link:
  Encoding     : PPM
  Freq : 2400 MHz
  Channels : 10
  Range : 5.0 Km (when airborne)
  Display : Back-Lit Display
  Battery : Li-Poly 11.1V, 2650 mAh (12 Hrs continuous operation).
Data Communication Link:
  Type : MAV-Link
  Dedicated : Encrypted Data Link
  RF Power : 1000 mW
  Frequency : 2400 Mhz, secured(20Mhz Channel)
  Power Consumption : 100 mA @ 12 V
 Full Flight Data Recording onboard and GCS.

  • u-Blox M8P RTK GPS on base and rover. The base GPS has very high gain antenna to achieve 'Survey-In' in the least possible time. Strong communication link between base and drone ensures uninterrupted RTK corrections in real time.
Survey Camera:
  • The aircraft is fitted with a CANON camera with modified firmware enabled with KAP_UAV.lua script which optimizes the camera for mapping shots and takes still shots along the grid waypoints. The pictures are then geo-tagged using the GCS software and then processed on a mapping software like Pix4D to form a 3D map that can be used for engineering purpose. Any other suitable mapping camera can be installed if it is under 300 Gms.
Standard Package :
  • Curiosity Aircraft 1 Nos. fitted with RTK GPS
  • GCS consisting 1280x720 HD Video Display.
  • Android Tablet 7".
  • Dual Omni Antenna for Communication Link.
  • Microprocessor based battery Charger.
  • Radio Control Box.
  • Canon Powershot Camera with modified firmware.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
  • ABS Carry Case
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