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Curiosity Quadcopter UAV

Curiosity Quadcopter UAV is small category UAV designed for both civilian and military use. The craft is portable and can be operated in most terrains with small clearances because of portable GCS. Can be transported by personnels or in a small vehicle. The airframe and part avionics have been designed and manufactured in India so the components and maintenance cost would be bare minimum. The autopilot has been developed in India so upgrade of software would be a simple. The propulsion system is all electric so the eld operations are simple. The GCS software and the autopilot software are windows based making it easier for most would be customers to use the system. The operational cost of the craft is bare minimum thus providing cost effective surveillance systems as compared to ground based vehicles.

Physical Specifications:
  Size : 450mm (motor to motor)
  Height : 250 mm
  Flying Weight : 1800 Gms
  Payload : 300 Gms
  Propulsion : 200 Watt BLDC Motors @11.1 Volt X 4
  Flying Battery : Lithium-Polymer 11.1 Volt, 10400mAh, Discharge 10C.
  Propeller : 11x4.7 carbon fiber X 4
Radio Control Link:
  Encoding : PPM
  Modulation : FHSS
  Freq Band : 400-455 MHz
  Max Rf Output : 2000 mW
  Channels : 8
  Range : 10 Km when airborne
  Display : Back-Lit LCD panel on Tx
  Battery : Li-Poly 11.1V, 2650 mAh (12 Hrs continuous operation).

  • Based on ARM Cortex M4 32 bit Processor @168 MHz, running at 252 MIPS, with Real Time Operating System.
  • 3-D Six Axis Dual Gyro+Acc
  • uBlox GPS with positioning from GPSS, GLONSS, Galelio, Biedu
  • Secondary GPS for backup
  • 3-Axis Dual Magnetometer
  • High Resolution Barometer
  • Onboard Micro SD card for Flight Data Logging
Flying Characteristics:
  Range : 3.5 Km *
  Endurance : 22 Mins + 2 Mins reserve for fail safe
  Accuracy : Within 3 meters of programmed way point
  Cruise Speed : 24 Km/Hr
  Max Speed : 30 Km/Hr.
  Max Winds : 20 Km/Hr.
  Altitude (AGL) : 1000 Meters
  Altitude Ceiling : 3000 Meters
  *Total Distance Travelled   3.5Km +3.5Km = 7 Km
Payload Options:
  • Color video/Still HD camera with onboard HD video recording on 32 GB memory at 1280x720 pixels and AV out of 640x480 pixels. Can be programmed for still images with preset time interval. Max Video HD resolution of 2700 x 2000 pixels.
  • Day Light/Low Light, 10x zoom color camera. Zoom controllable from the GCS, Radio Control.
  • Thermal Camera (uncoiled) 320x240 Res and 40deg FOV (Selectable) with athermal lens.
  • Thermal Camera (uncooled) 640x480 Res and 40 Deg FOV (selectable) with athermal lens.
Video Link:
  Type : Analog Video and Audio
  RF Power : 2000 mW
  Frequency : 5.8 Ghz, 32 Channels.
  Power Consumption : 300 mA @ 11.1 V
  Camera Mount : Gyro Stabilized on Pan and Tilt Axis
  Video Resolution : 520x420 TVL
  Recording   Onboard recording on 32 GB SD card in *.avi format.
  Range : 3.5 KM
  • Fully Autonomous from Takeoff to Landing.
  • Can be programmed for 300 Way points.
  • Can Loiter over the subject at any way point.
  • Has Manual over ride at any stage.
  • Can be 'Guided' to specific location during flight by clicking over map.
  • Can activate/deactivate any payload from the GCS.
  • Auto payload activation on reaching the way point.
  • Fail-safe built in. Will 'RTL' if link is lost. Will 'Land' if battery is low.
  • Radio Control switchable navigation lights.
Launch and Recovery:
  • Auto Landing and Takeoff.
  • Manual or Auto Landing depending on the wind conditions prevailing during mission.
  • 10mx10m clearance is required to launch the craft.
Standard Package Contents:
  • Curiosity Aircraft 1 Nos.
  • GCS consisting of windows based laptop and Video Monitor.
  • Helical Video Antenna.
  • Clover Leaf Video Antenna.
  • Auto Antenna Tracker (optional).
  • Yagi Antenna for Data Link.
  • Microprocessor based battery Charger.
  • Radio Control Transmitter.
  • Mini Tool Kit.
Ground Control Station:
  • Mission Control Software on rugged Windows Laptop.
  • Live Video Monitoring Station using a standard AV video monitor.
  • Live Video and Audio recording at GCS.
  • Power Supplies for GCS and antenna tracker.
Mission Applications:
  • By Security Agencies for observations behind enemy lines.
  • For Flood Control to locate stranded people.
  • For Real estate video graphy.
  • For Patrolling Oil and Gas pipe lines.
  • As Transmission relay station for video links and data links.
  • For Trafc monitoring on highways.
  • For News and Media aerial video graphy.
  • Mining Industry for monitoring the mines.
  • Border Patrolling.
  • Surveillance in big industrial plants like renaries.
  Output Power : 1000mW (Configurable)
  Modulation Type : FHSS
  Chipset : RF HM-TRP Radio Module
  Freq Band : 900 MHz (885-915 MHz)
  Baud Rate : 19,200kbps (Selectable)
  Range : 10 Km (with Yagi antenna)
FPV Capabilities:
  Video Goggles Resolution : 640x480 pixels
  Virtual Screen Size : 45" at 7'
  Pixels : 922,000 per eye
  Video Signal : PAL/NTSC switchable
  Rx Frequency : 5.8 Ghz, 8 Channels
  Power Supply : 7.4V, 1000mAh Li-Po battery
  The Curiosity can be own in manual mode beyond visual range using FPV (First Person View) capability. The yer gets the pilot's view as sitting in the cockpit of the aircraft. The feature is specially useful when the craft needs to be own in tight spaces like between the buildings or between the trees or bushes. The craft can be switched to auto mode like RTL or Loiter at any tage.
Support and Backup:

Lot of the contents are indigenous, the after sales and support would be prompt. The promoters of the company are highly qualified engineers with experience in UAV airframes and avionics. The head quarters of the company are located in the capital city of New Delhi, India. Spare parts would be despatched promptly and technical man power be send at short notices



Video Overlay:
  • ATMEL328 based.
  • Displays: Airspeed, Lat, Long, Altitude, Compass Heading, Battery Capacity Remaining, LOS, Call Sign, Time Elapsed over the video image.
Basic Training would be provided and is included in the package.
Advanced level training can be arranged on paid basis.
Onboard Video Recorder::
  • 32GB onboard micro SD card recorder. H.264 compression. *.avi format.
Camera Gimbal:
  • Gyro Stabilized on Roll and Pitch Axis. Microprocessor based. Correction rate of 2000 deg/sec. Common Gimbal for all cameras mentioned in the camera options list. Cameras are changeable in the field in very short time.


  1. The electronic hardware changes will apply to all the catalogs since the avionics is same on all the UAVS.
  2. Specifications subject to change without notice.
  3. All values & capabilities mentioned one under ideal test conditions.
  4. Optional items do effect pricing.
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